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UNITED NATIONS by Eveleigh, 1947.

UNITED NATIONS by Eveleigh, 1947.

This early UN poster tells much about the 20th Century. The use of design with poster as medium to influence public opinion, to communicate across masses and ultimately to act as a visual to an idea, began with the First World War. Although this poster was not conceived until after the Second World War, it represents a historically pivotal direction for global society. This poster illustrates the hope of nations combined. An idea that would have seemed bizarre a century prior, yet unfathomable a century post.

This image is key to me as a designer because it made me realize that design is a tool used not for decoration, but for communication. I had already determined that I was going to be a designer before I had seen Eveleigh’s design at the Royal Ontario Museum, however Eveleigh certainly reinforced my decision.

- Devin Pickering, iceDive Creative Solutions